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commercial plumber san ramon caPlumbing Care, Inc. provides excellent commercial plumbing services in the the East Bay area area today. Our main goal is to provide our clients with exceptional service, knowledgeable professionals and affordable rates.

The professional staff we provide to you are people who have been in the plumbing industry for many years and through their deep experience, have redefined the art of installing and maintaining water systems. Every technician that we send to you will perform a thorough examination of your problem, whether it needs repair or an entirely new installation while providing expert opinion on the matter. We at Plumbing Care, Inc. have a proven track record as a reliable commercial plumbing company in the East Bay area, and we strive to uphold this through honest customer service.

Our company can provide you with all types of plumbing services you can think of from water heater repair to re-piping to emergency plumbing when needed. When you need reliable commercial plumbing service in the East Bay area, we’ve got you covered with highly qualified technicians. All of the tools, resources and techniques are at our disposal to solve your issues. Aside from that, Plumbing Care, Inc. is fully bonded, insured and licensed so you know you’re in the hands of capable professionals.

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The Importance of a Reputable Commercial Plumbing Provider

Having a reputable commercial plumber at the ready for your business isn’t only a good idea, but it is also a necessity to ensure your company stays afloat in case of emergencies. If your company needs access to water consistently, then it would be in your best interest to have a trustworthy commercial plumbing company on speed dial.

How to Know Good Plumbing vs Bad Plumbing

Based on our experience in the field we have seen a number of jobs that were done by “cheap labor” but the problem with that is that cheap labor almost always comes with a cost much higher than anticipated further down the line. We have seen standard water heater replacing direct vent water heaters which led to carbon monoxide poisoning in the customer’s home. We have seen earthquake shut off valves, installed but not properly working. We have seen misfires on tankless units for improper installations that voided the 12 year warranty! We’ve come across flood damage from insecure water pipes and just overall poor workmanship. This is bad plumbing but you won’t always know it right away until disaster strikes.


We understand that this is not always the immediate cheapest option but you will be rest assured that the work is done properly & safely. Considering a plumbing company with a good reputation matters because in the unlikely event that there is something wrong or even a question you have we can come back right away – and we will.

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Businesses That are Most Affected by Plumbing Issues

Although most businesses today should have an expert commercial plumber’s number, there certain businesses that need to make this a high priority. Failing to get in touch with a trustworthy plumbing company immediately can spell disaster for such businesses.

Food Industry

The washing of utensils, cooking various meals, or even simply going to the washroom won’t be possible for businesses in this industry if a constant supply of clean water is not available. Aside from that, businesses in this sector rely heavily on their water systems to continue operations.

Hospitality Industry

Establishments in this industry rely on consistent and clean running water. Hotels that are not able to provide their guests with working toilets or hot showers will quickly lose business and be forced to recompense. Moisture leaks in a hotel can result in it being forced to shut down and lose its reputation.

Healthcare Industry

Facilities in this sector rely on constant water supply. From keeping things sterile to helping elderlies wash up, any medical facility would want to keep their plumbing systems working at all times.


How to Find a Respectable Commercial Plumber


Relying on word of mouth can help you get in touch with excellent plumbers, but you also don’t have to worry if you don’t know anyone who can recommend a commercial plumbing company in the East Bay area. You will know that a plumber is respectable if they are happy to provide you with references, answers and knowledge with regards to plumbing.

Plumbers that aren’t interested in engaging with you may not be confident with their skills for a good reason. A trustworthy commercial plumbing company takes repair and maintenance issues seriously and will back their opinion with years of experience on the job.

Get a Commercial Plumbing Service in the East Bay area Today

If you want to make sure that your business is safe from disasters which can cost thousands of dollars, it is imperative that you find a commercial plumber you can rely on. Minor leaks and plumbing issues can effectively mean the end of a profitable year for your business if you don’t get an assessment from a quality plumber right now.

Clients and customers who are annoyed with poor plumbing systems can cost any business more than they might expect right now. It won’t take a lot of leaks to bring in pests or damage that can be the cause of a massive plumbing issue that can cost you a lot.

For those that need commercial plumbing services on hand, we have staff that are ready to assist you around the clock. Plumbing Care, Inc.  has the professionals ready to answer questions and head over to your location when you need them. It would be in your best interest to have an emergency checked as soon as you notice something different rather than wait for it to get worse.

When you work with our company, you will find the best quality plumbing service in the East Bay area at competitive prices. We know that businesses are always on a budget and that is why our technicians can give you an accurate price range that will work for you.

Plumbing Care, Inc. isn’t here to break your bank but to provide you with reliable plumbing services that will accommodate you and your business’ needs.

We’re happy to answer any questions or concerns you might have. Contact us now!

Hear What Our Happy Customers Have to Say!

From 73 reviews
Commercial Plumbing 1
Suzanne Davidson

We have used Plumbing Care on at least three separate occasions, and each time we were extremely happy with the services provided. The technicians who came out were professional and courteous, and their work was thorough and efficient. Will…

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Commercial Plumbing 2
Kelly Becker

Quick and friendly service, very competitive pricing.

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Commercial Plumbing 3
Benjamin Ma

Quick, responsive and very well documented work.

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Commercial Plumbing 4
Sue R

I want to thank you for being so great! Your reviews were certainly true. Mitko was fantastic. Very professional. From the second I sent you guys a request last night, to the texts this morning, to the actual work that was done, you are the…

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Commercial Plumbing 5
Kristy Cadil

We recently used Plumbing Care for a kitchen sink problem. Alex was on time, courteous and professional. He explained the issue and options the we could do. We will use him/them again should a need arise.

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Commercial Plumbing 6
John Hanson

Prompt, Clean, knowledgeable service. Great Quality materials and work. Polite and friendly service person.

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Commercial Plumbing 7
Ellen Harnick

These folks are great. Usually they send George, who really knows his stuff, and is the one I always ask for. But everyone they have sent has done a great job. By mistake on one occasion I called another company with a similar name and had …

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Commercial Plumbing 8
Phil Trembly

Reasonable prices and good work.

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Commercial Plumbing 9
Lida Mansouri

Excellent service. Alex was very honest and professional. I am glad that I found Plumbing Care for my future plumbing services. Needless to say I'm impressed. Thank you!

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Commercial Plumbing 10
Fred Turner

Excellent service at reasonable prices.

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Commercial Plumbing 11
Rich Bice

I had and older tankless that PlumbingCare could not fix after a few house calls. The head man, Martin, offered me a deep discount on a new state of the art unit. They installed it within two days. With an added recirculation pump within, …

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Response from business owner

Hi Rich,

Thank you for your review. Your old unit was beyond repairable with the other issues it had. We have no control over that. We refuse to sell customers on items they do not need or when there is an alternative to replacement we always go with that when this is the most economical option and when possible.


Plumbing Care, Inc.

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Commercial Plumbing 12
Beth Bannerman

Sunday afternoon. New house just moved in. No hot water. Within 20 minutes arrived and fixed. Showed me the property history and when the last fix was made. Full transparency, super friendly, cost efficient, fast and highly skilled.

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Commercial Plumbing 13
Anastasie Martin

Outstanding! I had 2 other companies come look at our Commercial Grade water heater & in spite of saying they were familiar with the unit they were lost & left without repairing! Then I called Plumbing Care they accommodated our urgent …

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Commercial Plumbing 14
David Berkompas

Prompt, professional & efficient. The office staff communication was fantastic and gave us a warm fuzzy that we had hired the right team for the job. We had a corroded copper pipe in the ceiling that was fixed as well as needing a new …

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Commercial Plumbing 15
Judy Zdanowicz

The plumbers were thorough and showed me videos of the underground plumbing work before and after. They were on-time and kept the work site immaculate.

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Commercial Plumbing 16
Diana Johnson

I have used several plumbing companies in the past, and I have used Plumbing Care repeatedly and they are definite my go-to plumbing company. Enough cannot be said about their excellent customer service and their efficiency. They send the…

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Commercial Plumbing 17
Mary Jones

Plumbing Care did an excellent job with an emergency Saturday fix to an outside pipe and spigot that was damaged during patio demo on a Friday afternoon. Other plumber companies quoted a week wait even when told our water was shut off to …

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Commercial Plumbing 18
Dessy Gueorguieva

Excellent customer service, great prices, friendly staff.

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Commercial Plumbing 19

Plumbing Care rescheduled prior non-emergency commitments to accommodate our main water line break. We have 4 kids so we appreciated their prioritizing our emergency. Job was completed same day and our plumbing technician was wonderful. …

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Commercial Plumbing 20
Debbie Bliss

We got an appointment scheduled fast and our plumber was on time, knowledgeable and very pleasant to work with. He quickly determined what our problem was, gave an estimate that seemed reasonable and completed the work fast and was tidy. …

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Commercial Plumbing 21
Georgi O'Keeffe

Called Plumbing Care on a Sunday because the water heater was leaking and it needed to be replaced. I don't know what I would have done if they weren't available to help! I will use them again and highly recommend this company. Professional…

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Commercial Plumbing 22
Jonathan Barnett

Really great service, transparent about pricing, reasonable quotes (better than the competitor I talked to), punctual and professional. Highly recommend them for tankless water heater repair

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Commercial Plumbing 23
Mary Scott Seymour

Wonderful, professional, friendly service!! Highly recommend! Had an emergency and called on a Monday morning...problem fixed and out the door by lunch the same day!

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Commercial Plumbing 24
Saket Bhide

George was really great in his workmanship and his attention to the detail was amazing. He finished his work in said time span.. I've already recommended Plumbing Care to 2 of my friends and they've already awarded the work to Plumbing Care…

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Commercial Plumbing 25
Natarajan Sivakumar

Did a very neat job, very responsible in completing the task and reliable.

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Commercial Plumbing 26
Mei-Chi Kuo

Excellent services, quick response, reasonable price. Eric is very knowledgeable, experienced, and skillful. He and his assistant Jose did a wonderful and thorough job to replace our leaking shower faucet and pipes. Totally recommend it!

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Commercial Plumbing 27
Manbi Luis

Martin is great! He is knowledgeable and very thorough with his work. Excellent customer service!

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Commercial Plumbing 28
Kathleen Lofgren

Great company didn't quit till job was done right! Quoted price was fair too

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Commercial Plumbing 29
Rajesh Narra

I had a good experience. The service is good.

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Commercial Plumbing 30

Very nice people.

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Commercial Plumbing 31
David Her

Identify problem quickly and quote right away. reasonable price.

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Commercial Plumbing 32
Jeff Galisky

Excellent service, quick response, and great work at reasonable prices.

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Commercial Plumbing 33

Ivaylo from Plumbing Care came on time and replaced our garbage disposal. He was friendly, professional, and courteous. Some extra works were required, and he worked thru lunch hours to get our kitchen back to order quickly. I’m keep them …

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Commercial Plumbing 34
Bruce A Bidwell

A few weeks ago we needed a plumber to repair a leak and replace our 25 year old water main gate valve. Alex arrived on time and we experienced excellent customer service and quality work. I would recommend Plumbing Care to anyone who …

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Commercial Plumbing 35
Doug Domergue

We had Plumbing Care install a new kitchen faucet last week. We have used their services before and have always been satisfied. Boyko, a very friendly and capable guy who had been to our house previously, arrived on time, was very courteous…

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Commercial Plumbing 36
Randy May

On time friendly and professional .

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Commercial Plumbing 37
RSM Dublin

Very professional, quick and finish work on the spot. Highly recommended

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Commercial Plumbing 38
Donald Jenkins

They replaced all three of the toilets in our bathrooms, and did outstanding work.

I will definitely be using them in the future for plumbing needs.

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Commercial Plumbing 39
Val Galev

if you have pluming issue in your house to be fixed and you want to be done professionally and on time, they are the best in San Ramon area. They completed two jobs in my house.

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Commercial Plumbing 40
John Niklewicz

When my tank less water heater stopped working ...I called multiple plumbers and Plumbing care was the only company that was willing to help us right away. We determined it would be best to replace the unit and they did a great job with the…

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Commercial Plumbing 41
Donald Blubaugh

Service done on time and very professionally

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Commercial Plumbing 42
Sipora Aguia Sales

Professional service, good price, nice team. Really happy with the reparation that the made in my house

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Commercial Plumbing 43
Ravi Nadkarni

Great service ! We had issues with our tankless water heater during peak winter cold days and they came and took a look at it late in the evening when some other places gave us an appointment 5 days later.

They helped with the new …

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Commercial Plumbing 44
Bill Berryman

I have used plumbing care many times. They are fast, friendly and efficient. Strongly recommend.

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Commercial Plumbing 45
branmon tu

Martin was very knowledgeable about the water hearter issues that i had. He was able to pinpoint the problem immediately. Within 30 minute, my water heater was up and running again. I would highly recommend this company to anyone.

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Commercial Plumbing 4
Daniel A

Your guys did Great. Martin and his partner are great guys. Work hard and know the business . Had the job finished in less than two hours. I think I am going to sleep next to the water heater tonight it looks so good. And I have a …

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Commercial Plumbing 47
Lorena Velazquez

They were able to come out quickly and fix the issue no problem. They were very professional and knowledgable.

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Commercial Plumbing 48
Jaime Salaverria

Prompt response

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Commercial Plumbing 49
Farhan Jafri

I had a best experience with Plumbing care, they took care of water heater under warranty, replaced Burner Box and Gas Value. i would highly recommend.

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Commercial Plumbing 4
Annie T

Hello to plumbing care, your service Representative was great with exceptional respect with good timing, also having a phone call follow up. Thank you very much.Have a enjoyable weekend.God bless all.

Commercial Plumbing 51
Felix Ko

I've used them 3 times. They won't leave until the issue is resolved.

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Commercial Plumbing 52
Suki Kwan-Zhu

Called this morning, Mike came and fixed my water heater right away, and with one year warranty! Really reasonable fee! Really go customer service!! Thank you !!

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Commercial Plumbing 53
Terry Yates

Martin provided an elegant solution to our very much delayed hot water delivery (and the associated water waste!!) to virtually anywhere in our house. Great communication, quality work, and goes beyond the pale to make sure that the …

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Commercial Plumbing 54
Sierra Property Professionals

I called in the morning to ask for assistance with a tankless water heater that was leaking and not heating. Martin came at what should have been the end of his day and found that the unit needed to be replaced. To ensure this family had …

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Commercial Plumbing 55
Dairy Queen Concord

Great service, quick and best price

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Commercial Plumbing 56
Mark Lambert

Found Martin with Plumbing Care through a recommendation someone posted. Martin came up with a solution for long wait times for hot water to reach faucets in my house. Other companies I called said nothing could be done. Martin came out, …

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Commercial Plumbing 57
Senka Maricic

Cleaned our Rinnai tank-less water heater. Great service, would recommend!

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Commercial Plumbing 58
Guy Sparkman

Best Plumbing Company in all of East Bay Area! Fair prices, highly knowledgeable and always available to schedule appointments. Highly recommend to Home Owners.

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Commercial Plumbing 59
Jill Motta

One of the fastest repairs we've ever had. Great experience!

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Commercial Plumbing 60
Margaret Goyette

Efficient and kind technician, great work

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Commercial Plumbing 61
Kevin Razi

I had to replace my tankless water heater and received many different estimates.

Martin was very knowledgeable and came up with the best solution. He replaced my old tankless water heater and fixed the problem originally caused by builder …

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Commercial Plumbing 62
Mariana Aboyme

These guys made it a point to get someone out immediately. Would reccomend.

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Commercial Plumbing 63
Robert Enea

Great service, reasonable pricing, responsive and on time.

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Commercial Plumbing 64
Eric Parnell

Super-fast service. Work was excellent. High recommended.

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Commercial Plumbing 65
Steve Yannone

A professional team with a no-nonsense approach and competitive pricing. They did excellent work, clean plumbing and electrical installs. They also went the extra mile to schedule my job over the weekend. I cannot think of anything they …

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Commercial Plumbing 66
Sanjay Nayak

The team are Plumbing Care were fantastic. Eric is the plumber who helped us replace 2 toilets. He was on-time, did a great job, cleaned after he finished, answered all my questions. Really happy with these guys and fully recommend them!!!

via Google
Commercial Plumbing 67
Rebecca Dahlgren

Another plumbing company had come to replace my kitchen faucet & upstairs tub spout. That company (USA Plumbing Co) was very unprofessional and upon leaving I no longer had hot water coming from my kitchen faucet.

I then contacted Plumbing …

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Commercial Plumbing 68
Christopher Novak

Every time I have a plumbing job – big or small – they have come through with quality work and a fair price. I have zero need to look further. In total, the team has done 5-6 jobs for me over 3 years. Jobs range from installing a sink to …

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Commercial Plumbing 69
Raghava Ram

Vince installed a water softener and reverse osmosis system. This guy is incredible and knowledgeable. He spent a good hour talking to me going over everything making sure I knew to choose the best option for me. We then agreed on …

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Commercial Plumbing 70
Anja Mejia

I called them in an emergency basis bc my water heater had leaked and was staring to flood my home. Zhivko showed up within 10 minutes of the call & helped turn my water off and started to drain my heater (with my permission of course) I …

read more
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Commercial Plumbing 71
Martin Arnaudov

Best customer service and best price in the bay !

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Commercial Plumbing 72
Anna PY

Great company and great service!! Plumbers are experienced and do know what to do in even unpredictable situations.

via Facebook
Commercial Plumbing 73
Eric Olson

Fast and friendly professionals at a fair price. These guys at Plumbing Care, Inc. are highly recommended. Thank you Martin!

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